Dallington Parish Council – Vacancy for a Councillor

Dallington Parish Council has a vacancy for a Parish Councillor, due to the resignation of Councillor Stella Bellem.
If you are interested in becoming a Dallington Parish Councillor, please contact the Clerk at clerk@dallington.org.uk
Please click on the link below to see the official notice for a Councillor Vacancy.
Vacancy for a Councillor

ESCC Highways/B2096 Safety Issues

Dallington Parish Council recently had a meeting with ESCC Highways about the safety issues on the B2096, particularly the Carricks Hill/Earlsdown area and the exit from Bakers Lane.
ESCC Highways reply was disappointing – many suggestions (double white lines on Carricks Hill are out of the question), but there is no firm commitment or dates for improvements.
DPC will continue to campaign vigorously for these improvements
Click on the link below to see the reply from ESCC Highways.
B2096 ESCC Highways

Election of Parish Councillors for Dallington

As previously posted, Dallington will have an uncontested election for parish councillors on 02.05.19.

There are 5 candidate places available and 4 candidates applied for nomination.  These are Nikki Holyoake, Wendy Miers, Pauline Ridley and Trish Wilson.

Stella Bellem has stepped down, she will be missed, but is continuing to do other work for the Dallington community.  With one vacancy, we will shortly be advertising to co-opt another Dallington Parish Councillor.

Click here to see the official notice from the Rother Returning Officer.
Irene – Parish Clerk

Dallington Parish Assembly 2019

The Dallington Parish Assembly was held on 16.04.19, it wasn’t particularly well attended, but we had a very pleasant evening – wonderful food and lots of wine.

John Barnes (County and District Councillor) and Eleanor Kirby-Green (District Councillor) were there and we were able to thank them for their support on so many issues.

Sergeant David Sands (Dave) came along and responded to the many questions asked.

Peter Miles from the Messenger Group was there, and it is becoming evident that The Messenger and the Dallington website together are becoming the “Parish Pump” for information and communication.  Everyone agreed that the new format of The Messenger is excellent.

All the reports from County (ESCC), District (RDC) and the organisations in the Parish will be available on the Dallington website – DPC Meetings 2019-20 page – as soon as my new printer arrives, and I can scan them!

We are look forward to next year’s Parish Assembly and will put a lot of thought into better advertising.

Irene – Parish Clerk