ESCC Core Offer Survey

Good morning,

East Sussex County Council has begun its public conversation on the ESCC Core Offer. The Core Offer is an assessment of the services that ESCC think are most needed by residents, businesses and communities and that they should be expected to provide in a difficult financial climate, it will inform and direct their budget planning over the coming three years. You can read more about the Core Offer here.

ESCC have launched a survey seeking views of those that live and work in the county, particularly whether they agree with the approach, whether the priorities and services in the Core Offer are right, and if there are ways they can work differently with partners and communities to do more to support each other.

We would encourage you all to complete the survey, which you can access here:


Suspected deer poaching

There are reports of deer poaching in Dallington Forest.  Rifle shots have been heard and residents have found offal from deer butchering.
This has been reported to Sussex Police.
Please report any such incidents to Sussex Police at

You can also let the Parish Clerk know and she will report this for you