Jubilee Weekend Roundup


Proud to say that Dallington held celebration events on every day of the Jubilee weekend – and we were so lucky with the weather! Here’s a brief round up and a gallery of photographs.

    • Thursday Evening BBQ & Beacon: A wonderful evening – lots of people turned up to take part to enjoy the barbecue and good company and watch the beacon being lit. Thanks to everyone who made this happen – from initial planning and publicity, getting the pavilion and field ready the day before, the parish council for funding the food and drink, the individuals who cooked and served it, and finally the beacon team for assembling, lighting and keeping everything safe.
    • Friday Bellringing at St Giles Dallington Tower rang at 3pm, along with many other towers, to coincide with a Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral  that day.
    • Saturday  Our regular monthly Saturday morning Community Library Café at Dallington Old School Village Hall was extended to 4pm for the occasion.  Visitors were able to view a temporary exhibition “Dallington Celebrates” – a display of photographs and souvenirs from village events over the years including Coronation celebrations in 1953, summer fetes, harvest festivals, street parties and open gardens.  There was also a chance to take part in a fun snooker competition in the newly refurbished Billiard Room. Thanks to everyone who lent photographs, scrap books and souvenirs, and to our volunteers who provided  bacon sandwiches, soup and delicious home-made cakes throughout the day.
    • Sunday am Thanksgiving service at St Giles (report from Bobbie Steel): Along with churches throughout this country and the Commonwealth, Dallington celebrated the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen. It happened to be one of the Sundays when we were without a member of the clergy present to lead the service. On these occasions our Churchwarden, Wendy Miers, prepares and presents the order of service, with a talk on a relevant person or subject. On this momentous day, when the focus was on Thanksgiving for Service, Wendy chose as her theme thanks to the members of the church family who had given unstinting service over long years. A good number in the congregation ensured that the lovely hymns were sung with enthusiasm, all rounded off with The National Anthem. After the service everyone enjoyed the refreshments with a loyal toast to Her Majesty. This was just one of the ways in which our village marked a very special, once in a lifetime, “Thank you” to our Queen.
    • Sunday pm Despite gloomy weather forecasts earlier in the week, the rain held off for our final village celebration, back on the recreation ground for a relaxed afternoon picnic tea & games and a drone to take a group village photograph of all present.

Sunday Bell Ringing

(Posted on behalf of Diana Day) The bell ringers met up last week to see if there was support for some ringing to begin again at St Giles Church, Dallington. I’m pleased to say that we rang on Sunday and hope to ring again in two weeks time. This follows the pattern set before, of ringing for 2nd and 4th Sundays. Practices are not possible at present and will not resume until the Autumn at the earliest. One of the ropes broke and the bell has set itself, so this has to be tipped over, safely. This will probably be done on Wednesday, you will just hear the bell ringing until it stops by itself when fully down. Diana Day

Ringers Return

(Posted on behalf of Diana Day)

Ringers Return
Photo of Dallington Church TowerNo, the Swan Inn has not changed its name, the Bellringers have taken up ringing again at St Giles Church, Dallington. With churches now open and Services occurring, we are chiming the bells on Sundays. We are only allowed to ring for 15 minutes, social distancing restricts us to alternate bells only to sound out. There will be no practice on Mondays for the foreseeable future, no visiting bands, but it’s a start. Diana Day

Ringing Remembers

(Posted on behalf on Diana Day)

Over the past few years we have all been thinking about WW1. At Dallington tower we rang to commemorate the 100 years since the Armistice and Peace in 1918, on 11/11/2018.

A ringer from Rainham in Kent designed this badge for all ringers to wear in future years especially on Remembrance Day. We have put our orders in and await the arrival. Diana DayBadge