Ultrafast broadband – Dallington and Mountfield

This is an update to my post (yesterday) about Ultrafast broadband in Dallington and Mountfield.

I jumped the gun somewhat after getting the flyer yesterday when the parishes of Netherfield, Ninfield, Brightling, Ashburnham, Penhurst, Catsfield, Dallington and Mountfield were mentioned.  However, Openreach work on telephone exchanges and not parish boundaries, all these parishes were noted on the flyer (only delivered to certain post codes) as some residents of the parishes are connected to the Brightling and Ashburnham telephone exchanges.

I have spoken to Andrew Wedmore (Chair of Brightling PC) today – who has worked tirelessly over the past few years on this project – please click on the link below to see an email from Andrew which shows the post codes that can be connected, through the voucher scheme, at the present time.

  • Brightling telephone exchange – Brightling + Netherfield Village + Dallington Woods Corner area.
  • Ashburnham telephone exchange – Ashburnham + Penhurst + Ninfield.

There is also a link from Andrew’s email showing FAQs.

1 Broadband in Netherfield and Brightling and Dallington Woods Corner

Ultrafast broadband voucher scheme FAQs

I believe that we cannot have a two tier system for broadband and every resident of Dallington and Mountfield must have the opportunity to apply for this voucher scheme.  I intend to pursue this matter with Openreach – “the next hill that I die on.”

Just as an aside, you can find out which telephone exchange you are connected to by going to the following site – just put your post code in.

Find out which telephone exchange you are connected to

Irene – Parish Clerk



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