One thought on “New planning application for Dallington”

  1. Ref planning application RR/2019/2311/P, consultation WD/2020/8002/AA.
    The above planning application has been lodged for erection of agricultural buildings in Honey Lane. No planning notice has been erected, or if it has it is so far from the byeway/bridlepath as to be away from public view. No planning notice has been served on adjacent land owners. Surely this contravenes The Town and Country Planning (Development and Management Procedure) (England) Order 2010? The plans description strongly suggests a possible future conversion to residential accommodation. Should the application succeed who will be responsible for repairing the byeway/bridlepath which is already in a state of damage due to recent weather and which can only be damaged further with the necessary heavy machinery that will have to be used for the erection of oak framed, clay tiled agricultural buildings? My objection is that the buildings are out of proportion for the intended initial use and that it may set a precedent for future potential residential development.

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