Coronavirus update 5 (01.04.20)

No real end in sight yet – all we can do is to stay safe and look after each other safely.
Be careful, lots of very dubious information out there, the following sites are safe
Click on this link for NHS coronavirus information

Click on this link for GOV.UK information on coronavirus

Click on this link for information from Rother District Council during this emergency

Dallington Parish Council cannot be responsible for any information held on this site, but it is generally thought to be a reliable source of financial information, particularly during this emergency.

Click on this link to go to Money Saving Expert

Grateful and sincere thanks to everyone out there who are working endlessly to keep us safe and our lives as normal as they can possibly be – all who work in the NHS, the carers, all the keyworkers, all in the emergency services, the military, all the shop assistants, the food bank volunteers and all those in essential jobs.  You have our heartfelt thanks.

They are always out there and scammers will take the opportunity of this emergency to to try to defraud, upset and generally increase the levels of anxiety.  If you get any emails (I’ve had a couple) asking for money, threats, the old “click on this link” request or any email that you feel is not genuine – DELETE!  DELETE!  DELETE! – a safe website for advice is the Police’s Action Fraud site, the link is below

Click on the link below to go to the Police Action Fraud website

1.  Sainsburys (all Sainsbury shops)
Monday to Saturday 0730-0800 priority for NHS workers (will need ID)
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 0800-0900 priority for the elderly, keyworkers and the disabled.
2. Co-op (Heathfield and Battle)
Monday to Friday 0800-0900 priority for keyworkers, the elderly and disabled.
3. Waitrose (Heathfield)
Monday to Saturday 0700-1000, first opening hour is priority for keyworkers, the elderly and disabled.  They are also giving NHS workers priority at the checkouts.
4. Local shops (ring first)
Netherfield Stores and Post Office – 01424 838589
Rushlake Green Village Stores – 01435 830381
The Old Orchard Village Shop – 07969 778985
Zero Heathfield – 07391 490098
Eggs to Apples – 01580 860566
Venison and Lamb meat packs – 07780 707006

They have gathered together a big group of volunteers from all the Heathfield churches and are happy to help you if you are self-isolating and can also put you in touch with other local volunteers.  Their numbers are – 01435 863786 and 01435 864646.

A young astrophysicist, Dr. Daniel Readon, was trying to invent a device to stop people touching their faces.  He ended up in hospital with magnets stuck up his nose!  Every mother reading this probably rolled her eyes and thought I’ve got one like that – good brain, but no common sense – I know I have.  However, full marks Dr. Daniel for trying.  There’s a link below to the Guardian article.

Click on this link to see the Guardian article about Dr. Daniel Readon


Alfie being bored
I’m really bored and want to go out.

He’s very bored and missing his woodland walks as we’ve decided to just exercise him in the field behind our house.  I’ve just looked out of our window and there are no fire-breathing sheep in the adjacent fields – so he should be safe.  We are going to have to bite the bullet soon and clip his nails, not looking forward to it, but will have to be done.

Stay safe all of you, look after yourselves and each other.
Irene – Parish Clerk






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