Coronavirus update 4 (27.03.20)

How are you all doing – stay safely in contact with each other.
Contact me or one of the other Dallington Councillors for a list of people who have very kindly offered to help out with a bit of shopping, collecting medication and even dog-walking.
Just a word to all our volunteers and the many others who are helping friends and neighbours – you must stay safe, leave shopping etc., at the door and keep at least 2 metres (about 6 feet) away from each other.
Many of you are signed up for email alerts to this website – can you make sure that anyone who is not, signs up or if they do not have an internet connection, is it possible to print out this post or let them have the information by phone.
We are distributing another information flyer, which you should be receiving shortly.
These sites are safe for current information
Click here for latest information and advice from the NHS
Click here for the GOV.UK website on coronavirus
Click here for information and advice from Rother District Council

Dallington Parish Council cannot be responsible for any information held on the link below, but it it generally thought that there is good and safe information on this site.
Click here for information and advice from

It’s sickening, but scammers will be trying to make the most of this emergency.  The latest one I’ve heard of is an email saying that Central Government/BBC are extending the time for the over 75s to pay for their television licence and asking that you update your direct debit information.

I’ve had to make some changes to this section as our small local shops – that are doing a great job – have made some changes.  Some are unable to cope with all the demand and deliveries, so ring first before getting in the car.
The supermarkets are unchanged
1.  Sainsburys – Heathfield (applies to all Sainsburys shops)
Monday to Saturday 0730-8000 priority for NHS workers, will need ID.
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 0800-0900 priority for the elderly, keyworkers and disabled.
2.  Co-op – Heathfield and Battle
Monday to Friday 0800-0900 priority for keyworks, the elderly and disabled.
3.  Waitrose – Heathfield
Monday to Saturday 0700-1000, first opening hour is priority for keyworkers, the elderly and disabled.  They are also giving NHS workers priority at the checkouts.
LOCAL SHOPS (ring first)
Netherfield Stores and Post Office – 01424 838589
Rushlake Green Village Store – 01435 830381
The Old Orchard Village Shop – 07969 778985
Zero, Heathfield – 07391 490098
Eggs to Apples – 01580 860566
Venison and Lamb meat packs – 07780 707006
If anyone in your household is self-isolating due to experiencing coronavirus systems – please advise the delivery driver, get them to leave the bags outside your door, don’t use an electronic signature device and wash your hands immediately after putting shopping away – many people are also washing/disinfecting the shopping itself.

He’s been having his exercise, sometimes in our field behind our house, but he’s scared of sheep (don’t ask!) so is always a little worried out there.  He’s been to Darwell, which he loves (thinks it’s his private property) and also the Cuckoo Trail in Heathfield.  Everyone being very sensible, smiling and saying “Good Morning,” but keeping a very safe distance away from each other – except the dogs of course.

I went to Sainsburys in Heathfield last Wednesday for the elderly shop.  Got there about 0750 and all us elderly were queuing up outside – I saw quite a few friends there and we were all very sensible and stood 2m from each other.  There were a few people in the shop, the NHS workers, they deserve far more than a clap.  There was serious security outside, a very nice chap, but I wouldn’t have argued with him.  At 0800 they let us in, about 10 at a time.  The shelves weren’t too bad, lots of veg, bread and enough milk, but my expert eye saw that the booze shelves were very empty (this is worrying!).  As one shopper left, another was let in.  It was all very quiet and polite.  I’ll go again next week, unless I can get a slot on-line.

Keep yourselves safe and keep in safe contact with neighbours and friends – that’s the most important thing we can do.

Once again, if your neighbour/friend is not signed up to this website, or does not use the internet – please contact them and let them have this information.




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