Agenda for DPC meeting on 19.07.22


13th July 2022

Parish Council Members are summoned to a Council Meeting of Dallington Parish Council, to be held on 19th July 2022, at 7.30pm in Dallington Village Hall.
Members of the press and public are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Irene Marchant – Parish Clerk/RFO

St. Giles, Woods Corner, Dallington, East Sussex TN21 9LA

01424 838414/07711 224150 –

1. Disclosure of interests

To receive any disclosures by Members of personal interests in matters on the agenda, the nature of any such interest and whether the Member regards the interest as a disclosable pecuniary interest under the terms of the Code of Conduct.

2. Dispensations

3. Apologies for absence

4. Accuracy of the minutes of the previous meeting(s)

5. Open Forum

5.1 County Council report (ESCC) – Councillor E. Kirby-Green

5.2 District Council report (RDC) – Councillor G. Curtis

5.3 Chair’s report (DPC) – Councillor W. Miers

5.4 Public Question Time – to receive any questions/concerns from members of the public on matters on this agenda.

6. Dallington Recreation Ground

To discuss any matters concerning the DRG.

7. Commemorative seating

To finalise arrangements for the purchase of a 2-seater bench outside St. Giles Church.

8. Planning

8.1 Planning application for consideration.

RR/2022/1556/P – Earlsdown Farm, Earlsdown

Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of replacement dwelling and detached garage.

Click on this link to see full details on the RDC planning website

8.2 Any other planning matters for discussion.

9. Enforcement

9.1 The fencing erected by Westridge Construction on the old Ajeers site and surrounding land has been reported to RDC Enforcement. This is on the latest enforcement report from RDC and will be investigated.

9.2 TPOs have been issued on various trees/clumps of trees on the land recently purchased by Westridge Construction.

10. Highways/Rights of Way

To consider any highways/RoW issues that need reporting to ESCC Highways.

11. Finance

11.1 Bank balances at 30.06.22

  • DPC deposit account – £13,092.58
  • DPC current account – £4,073.46
  • DRG current account – £275.54

11.2 To approve the following payments

  • Clerk (salary/HO Jun/Jul 2022) – £831.00
  • * Amazon (Jubilee refreshments) – £69.99
  • * Amazon (Jubilee refreshments) – £266.62
  • * Mastercard fee – £3.00
  • * C. Mclean (Jubilee refreshments) – £292.21
  • * J. Gray (Jubilee refreshments) – £92.14
  • * D. Sewell (Jubilee refreshments) – £63.00
  • * UT service charge – £18.

* Already paid

11.3 To approve the quarterly accounts at 30.06.22 as presented by the Clerk.

12. Dates of next meetings

16.08.22 – planning meeting (provisional)

20.09.22 – full council meeting


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