Parking at entrance to Glaziers Forge

We have received some concerns from Glaziers Forge residents about cars parking right in front of the waste bins on the B2096 at the entrance to Glaziers Forge and leaving them there for some time.
The Glaziers Forge residents do park their cars in front of the bins when they are putting waste in them, but only do this for the time needed – a minute or two – then move their cars away.
It also means that the Glaziers Forge residents have to walk quite a way with heavy and bulky waste to get to the bins.
The unknown parked cars also make it very difficult for the Glaziers Forge residents to pull out, sightlines are poor anyway and these parked cars make it much worse.
We can only assume that the people parking cars in front of the bins are walking in Dallington Forest, which is great – but please in future do not park your cars in front of the bins.


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