Tree planting on Sugar Loaf Field


On a misty day in March 2017, a small group of local residents helped to plant 4 historic oak saplings on  the Sugar Loaf Field. The saplings were supplied and planted by Jamie Simpson, arborist, who has grown the saplings from acorns gathered from ancient trees in Richmond Park and Great Windsor Park.   The trees are protected by sturdy tree guards, erected by Jamie with assistance from Trish Wilson, Pauline Ridley, Douglas Sewell, Doug Edworthy and Stella Bellem.

The cost of the trees and guards have been kindly donated by John and Bobby Steele, David and Trish Wilson and Pauline Ridley. Pauline’s contribution is in memory of her husband Paul, who died in December, and she also hopes to install a seat nearby in his name once the trees are established.

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