Z DPC Minutes 23.01.24


Present: Councillors W. Miers (Chair), N. Holyoake (Vice-Chair), J. Gray, N. Harding, P. Ridley

Mrs. I. Marchant (Parish Clerk/RFO)

County Councillor E. Kirby-Green

District Councillor C. Pearce

Members of the public

1. Disclosure of Interests

None declared.

2. Dispensations

None requested.

3. Apologies for absence

None required.

4. Accuracy of the minutes of the previous meeting(s)

RESOLVED – that the meeting held on 21.11.23 be confirmed as being an accurate record of the proceedings. Councillor Holyoake proposed and Councillor Gray seconded, the voting was unanimous.

5. Open Forum

5.1 Public Question Time

Dark Skies Project:

  • The Dallington Tree Warden informed the Members and the public about the Dark Skies Project, this explores ways of collaborating and improving light pollution in our area and the High Weald AONB in general. Our area has some of the darkest skies in East Sussex.
  • Several local parishes are already involved.
  • He asked that DPC would support being involved and help to generate interest in the parish to identify champions to take this further forward.
  • There are increasing problems with light pollution.
  • The aim is for Dallington to become a certified Dark Skies Community.
  • There will be a meeting with other PCs in March 2024.
  • There will also be a Dark Skies Festival in Autumn 2024.
  • He is looking for a Dallington volunteer to organise etc.

See agenda item 10., below.


A local resident complained about the state of our highways in general, there appears to be little or no hedge cutting and the potholes are still very bad.

5.2 County Council report (ESCC) – Councillor E. Kirby-Green

  • The drains are still being cleared at night when it is difficult to see in rural areas.
  • The entire drainage schedule is being looked at and hopeful for improvements.
  • ESCC statutory services costs – Adult Social Care and Children’s Services – are at an all-time high.

5.3 District Council report (RDC) – Councillor C. Pearce

  • The RDC budge consultation had a good response. 67% of residents are in favour of an increase in council tax to improve services.
  • The demand for temporary accommodation has increased.
  • The final decision on the budget will be on 26.02.24.
  • Council tax on second homes will start in 2025 and council tax on empty homes will start at the next financial year.

5.4 Chair’s report – Councillor W. Miers

  • The Chair would like to thank all those who helped and organised the Solstice Event.

6. Approval of the draft revenue budget 2024-25 and setting the precept for 2024-25

6.1 RESOLVED – to approve the draft revenue budge for 2024-25 as presented by the Clerk. Councillor Gray proposed and Councillor Ridley seconded, the voting was unanimous.

6.2 RESOLVED – to approve and set the DPC precept for 2024-24 at £11,000.00. Councillor Holyoake proposed and Councillor Harding seconded, the voting was unanimous.

7. Dallington Recreation Ground

7.1 The pavilion ceiling has been repaired.

7.2 RESOLVED – to accept the quotation of £550.00 for cleaning and painting the main room. Councillor Holyoake proposed and Councillor Gray seconded, the voting was unanimous.

7.2 Informal quotations have been received for repairs to the fence and an additional gate (£550.00) and foliage clearance behind the pavilion (£300.00). DPC believe these quotations to be acceptable and will be formally resolved at the March meeting when formal quotations will be available.

8. Rural Community Grants

  • DPC will apply and use the funds for child-friendly, green items/activities.
  • Willow Dens appear to be a good idea.
  • A working party will be organised and site visits/research will take place.

9. East Sussex Local Transport Plan 2024-2050

DPC will respond stating that there appears to be little/no mention of transport for rural communities.

10. Support for Dark Skies Project

  • See item 5.2 (Public Question Time).
  • AGREED – DPC will support this initiative.

11. Planning

11.1 No planning applications for consideration.

11.2 No other planning matters for discussion.

12. Enforcement

12.1 No Dallington items on RDC’s most recent enforcement list.

12.2 No other enforcement matters for discussion.

13. Highways/Rights of Way

  • The current state of our roads remains a big issue.
  • DPC understand that all potholes meeting current intervention levels are being filled temporarily to clear the back-log.
  • This is being done to reduce any ESCC liability by reducing risk.
  • There is an increased workforce, but poor weather is hampering progress.

14. Finance

14.1. Bank balances at 31.12.23

  • DPC deposit account – £14,119.18
  • DPC current account – £254.44
  • DRG current account – £192.54

14.2 RESOLVED – to approve the following payments. Councillor Gray proposed and Councillor Harding seconded, the voting was unanimous.

  • Clerk, salary/HO/back pay (Dec23/Jan24) – £2,077.00
  • RDC, election expenses – £139.97
  • *Godaddy, email renewal (3-years) – £662.26
  • *Godaddy, website security (3-years) – £70.06
  • *SLCC subscription 2024-25 – £183.00
  • *Beecham Place Management, DRG ceiling repair – £450.37

*Already paid

14.3 RESOLVED – to approve the 3rd quarter accounts at 31.12.23 as presented by the Clerk. Councillor Gray proposed and Councillor Harding seconded, the voting was unanimous.

15. Dates of next meetings

  • 20.02.24 – planning meeting
  • 19.03.24 – DRG meeting (starts 7.00pm)
  • 19.03.24 – full council meeting (starts 7.30pm)