Draft minutes of the DPC Planning Meeting 19.04.22


HELD ON 19th APRIL 2022

26th April 2022

Present – Councillor W. Miers (Chair), N. Harding, J. Gray (part), P. Ridley

Mrs. I. Marchant (Parish Clerk/RFO)

District Councillor G. Curtis

Members of the public

1. Disclosure of interests

None declared.

2. Dispensations

None requested.

3. Apologies for absence

Councillor Holyoake sent apologies.

4. Open Forum

There were very many objections and concerns from the large number of Dallington residents present, a sample of these were:

  • All light will be lost from the front windows of Pound Cottage.
  • Not at all in keeping with local design.
  • The proposed site is too small for a house.
  • There is no mains drainage and where will the cesspit/septic tank/digester be sited?
  • There is only space for one very small car.

DPC will take all the concerns and objects raised when they come to consider this application.

5. Planning

5.1 Planning applications for consideration

RR/2022/454/P Pantons, The Street

Proposed conversion of garage to annexe/home office accommodation and associated alterations.

AGREED – to support this application.

RR/2022/461/P Land opposite Prospect House, Woods Corner

Proposed new dwelling and associated parking.

AGREED – to strongly object to this application on the following grounds:

1.The proposed building is too close to the staggered junction of the B2096/Brightling Road/South Lane and another access on the B2096 will add to the dangers on this already dangerous junction – there have been fatalities/road traffic accidents/constant near misses.

2. There has never been a building on this plot of land.

3. The building is overlarge for such a small site footprint, with the rear (south) elevation virtually abutting the site boundary.

4. The modern design is out of character with any building on the main road (B2096), either of the junction roads (South Lane (south) and the Brightling Road (north)). It is entirely inappropriate in our designated landscape. It pays no heed to local building styles or materials in the High Weald AONB. The design is alien to both the hamlet of Woods Corner and Dallington’s main village centre along The Street.

5. The design offers a completely “blind” frontage devoid of windows. This is disconcerting and unattractive, particularly for facing neighbours.

6. It is not specified whether the proposed resin-bonded gravel used in path and parking areas is to be permeable. The paving slabs elsewhere will not be. The soakaway provision is not marked.

7. The proposed vehicle turntable is very small; it looks like there will only be space for a “Smart Car.” There will be no provision for deliveries/visitors etc.

8. All light will be lost from the front windows of Pound Cottage (at the rear of the proposed building).

9. The application proposes a septic tank/cess pit for foul waste. This is increasingly recognised as an outdated solution compared with package plants that are an increasingly modern building requirement where there is no mains drainage. No position for this septic tank/cess pit is indicated.

10. There will be issues with a French drain that collects waste from Pound Cottage and runs underneath the proposed building.

At a recent planning meeting there were multiple objections to this proposal from Dallington residents and we trust that RDC Planning will refuse this application.

5.2 Any other planning matters

There were no other planning matters for discussion.

6. Dates of next meeting(s)

17.05.22 – Annual Council meeting

21.05.22 – Planning meeting (provisional, will only be held if required)