Draft Minutes of the Dallington Parish Council Meeting held on 25th January 2022

Councillors W. Miers (Chair), N. Holyoake (Vice-Chair), N. Harding, J. Gray, P. Ridley
Mrs. I. Marchant (Parish Clerk/RFO)
District Councillor G. Curtis
Members of the public

1. Disclosure of Interests

Councillor Harding declared a personal pecuniary interest in item 11.1 on the agenda, planning application RR/2021/2691/P Pepperpot Barn, as this is his property. He will not take part in the voting on this item and will leave the room during the voting.

2. Dispensations

None requested.

3. Apologies for absence


4. Accuracy of the minutes of the previous meeting(s)

RESOLVED – that the draft minutes of the meetings on 21.09.21, 19.10.21 (planning) and 16.11.21 be confirmed as being accurate records of the proceedings. Councillor Holyoake proposed and Councillor Harding seconded, the voting was unanimous.

5. Open Forum

5.1 County Council report (ESCC) – Councillor E. Kirby Green

Councillor Kirby-Green sent apologies as she could not attend the meeting and has sent an email update to be included in these minutes.

  • The draft budget and council plan for 2022-23 was published last week. It proposes no new savings beyond those already agreed and suggests investing more in key areas to prepare for future pressures. The proposals include:
  • Cancelling savings of £900,000 which were due to be made from the early help service.
  • Earmarking an extra £5M for priority services in the year ahead, especially where new spending will reduce future demand.
  • An extra £6M to combat climate change, to be spent between 2023 and 2025.
  • An extra £31M to be spent on maintaining roads and pavements in good condition over the next 10 years.
  • The draft budget will be considered by Cabinet on 25.01.22 before going to Council for approval.

5.2 District Council report (RDC) – Councillor G. Curtis

  • The major spend on Town Hall improvements/alterations is being looked at again and now appears to be unlikely.
  • There are still staffing issues in the planning department.

5.3 Chair’s report – Councillor W. Miers

  • An electric fence barring the footpath from the Church to South Lane has been dismantled following complaints.
  • Another meeting with the Glaziers Forge residents is to be arranged, looking yet again for a solution to the waste collection problem.
  • The Westwood Memorial Bench is to be installed on the Battle Road on 27.01.22.
  • The Chair is to contact Dallington PCC about installing a 2-seater bench on the small Church triangle.
  • 27.06.22 to 03.07.22 is National Care Homes week. The Chair has met the manager of Carricks Brook. It would be a good idea to encourage the connection between Carricks Brook and the Dallington community. Some residents of Carricks Brook would enjoy volunteers reading to them.

6. DPC Revenue Budget for 2022-23

RESOLVED – to approve the DPC Revenue Budget for 2022-23 as presented by the Clerk. Councillor Ridley proposed and Councillor Harding seconded, the voting was unanimous.

7. DPC Precept 2022-23

RESOLVED – to set the DPC precept for 2022-23 at £8,435.00, with no increase and the same as the previous year. The Chair proposed and Councillor Holyoake seconded, the voting was unanimous.

8. The Queen’s 70th Jubilee

A working group is to be set up, to decide on events to celebrate this. Their first meeting is on 05.02.22.

9. Entrance to Dallington Recreation Ground car park

  • The hollow left by the old hedge is flooding and left muddy.
  • It is to be filled up to a certain level and grassed/planted with bulbs.
  • Quotations will be obtained from contractors.

10. Consultations/Responses

DPC will not respond to Rother District Council’s Budget and Tax Consultation.

11. Planning

11.1 Planning applications for consideration

  • RR/2021/2691/P – Pepperpot Barn, Carricks Hill

Change of use of a B1 commercial unit to a mixed use live/work units (sui generis), along with a single-storey rear extension.

AGREED – to support this application

  • RR/2021/2992/P – Haselden Farm, Battle Road

Change of use of stables to residential annexe and installation of a sewage treatment plant (retrospective).

AGREED – to support this application

11.2 Any other planning matters for discussion


13. Enforcement

13.1 RDC Weekly Enforcement list

No Dallington items on the most recent list.

13.2 Any other enforcement matters for discussion


14. Highways/Rights of Way

  • The pavement from Graylings to the shop is very narrow, the verge is now overgrown, making it very difficult to walk and dangerous with children or dogs. The Clerk will contact ESCC Highways to report.
  • Bulb planting in the Carricks Hill triangle, there is still some work to do.

15. Finance

15.1 Bank balances at 31.12.21

  • DPC deposit account – £16,852.14
  • DPC current account – £1,636.59
  • DRG current account – £450.54

15.2 Payments for approval

RESOLVED – to approve the following payments. Councillor Gray proposed and Councillor Holyoake seconded, the voting was unanimous.

  • Clerk, salary/home office (Dec21/Jan22), expenses – £860.98
  • *Westwood Memorial bench (see note) – £694.95
  • *UT service charge – £18.00

* Already paid

Note: donor paid £595.00

15.3 Third quarter accounts at 31.12.21

RESOLVED – to approve the third quarter accounts at 31.12.21 as presented by the Clerk. The Chair proposed and Councillor Harding seconded, the voting was unanimous.

16. Dates of next meetings

  • 08.02.22 – planning meeting (provisional, will only be held if required)
  • 15.03.22 – DRG meeting (starts at 7.00pm)
  • 15.03.22 – full council meeting

All to start at 7.30pm (unless otherwise stated above) in Dallington Village Hall