DPC Planning Register 2019-20

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Fullers Barn, Brightling Road - extension to dwelling
Response deadline - 24.03.20
DPC response - support
RDC decision -
Honeyland, Honey Lane, Ashburnham/Dallington - proposed agricultural barns
Response deadline - 03.03.20
DPC response - object
RDC decision -
Pantons, The Street - first floor front extension, single storey rear extension and raising ridge of roof with new porch.
Response deadline - 10.12.19
DPC response - Object
RDC decision -
Highlands Farmhouse, Bakers Lane - conversion of barn to annexe and erection of workshop for personal use.
Response deadline - 12.11.19
DPC response - support
RDC decision - planning permission refused
Swan Farm, Woods Corner - partial demolition and partial conversion of existing agricultural buildings and construction of two detached dwellings with associated parking.
Response deadline - 22.10.19
DPC response - Support
RDC decision -
South Lane, land adjoining TN21 9NJ
- widening of field gate access, hardening of existing track and construction of vehicle turning area for forestry and woodland management associated vehicle use.
Response deadline - 16.07.19
DPC response - object
RDC response - approved conditional
Briar Cottage, South Lane - agricultural barn for fodder and machinery.
Response deadline - 25.06.19
DPC response - support
RDC response - planing permission granted
Briar Cottage, South Lane - notification of prior approval for a proposed fodder and machinery barn.
No response required as farm notification.
RDC response - application withdrawn.
Bay Tree Cottage, The Street - removal of existing boiler and replace with external floor-mounted boiler.
Response deadline - 15.05.19
DPC response - support
RDC response - Application withdrawn