Draft Minutes of the Dallington Parish Council Meeting held on 16.11.21

Present: Councillors W. Miers (Chair), N. Holyoake (Vice-Chair), N. Harding, J. Gray, P. Ridley
County and District Councillor E. Kirby-Green
Member of the public

1. Disclosure of Interests

None declared.

2. Dispensations

None requested.

3. Apologies for absence


4. Accuracy of the minutes of the previous meetings

The accuracy of the draft minutes of the DPC meetings on 21.09.21 and 19.10.21 (planning) will be resolved and the minutes signed by the Chair at the DPC January 2022 meeting.

5. Open Forum

5.1 County Council (ESCC) and District Council (RDC) reports – Councillor E. Kirby-Green

  • ESCC – draft bus services improved plan has been approved, will have new routes but depends on a successful bid for government funding, additional money agreed for road resurfacing , funding agreed for climate change initiatives, including recruiting an officer.
  • ESCC – local initiatives, match funding for Burwash PC to implement a 20mph speed limit, improvements to the footpath between Bakers Lane and Glaziers Forge now completed.
  • RDC – CAPITA has supplied RDC’s planning department with four planning officers, although where site visits are required, these will have to be undertaken by other officers. RDC will not have a Director of Planning in future, but an interim contractor has come in to manage the planning team. There is no Tree Officer or Conservation Officer at present.

5.2 Village Hall report – Councillor P. Ridley

  • The booking form is now on the website with the calendar of events at the hall.
  • There is a new Chair Yoga Group and a Dog Training course will run in the new year for a trial period.
  • The Art and Library Café groups are running, but the History group organisers are unwilling to continue organising events and the Villagers’ group meetings will cease in the new year.
  • In general, the Village Hall Committee believe that unless more people get involved in running groups, they will have to run events.

5.3 Chair’s report – Councillor W. Miers

  • Although there has been speculation locally, there have been no planning applications/requests for development on the former Ajeers site on the Brightling Road.
  • The gully which has developed in South Lane has been reported, but ESCC Highways say there is no money left to repair it, there are ongoing concerns regarding blocked drains, including those on Carricks Hill.
  • The Parish Clerk is pursuing the replacement of the missing “Deer Cross Here” signs.
  • The Chair  met with the RDC Waste Collection Officer regarding the bins at the end of Glaziers Forge Lane, they told her that they cannot do anything until the new contract in the new year.  Other villages have similar problems so there is an argument for a second small van to collection down such lanes.
  • The bench commemoration Gwen and Peter Westwood, so generously donated by their granddaughter, has been delivered and will be installed by DPC.
  • Councillor Harding has completed a First Aid course.
  • The Chair thanked Councillors who attended the Remembrance Day event.

5.4. Public Question Time

  • Doug Edworthy, the Dallington Tree Warden, raised concerns regarding two sites where potential development could take place and mature trees be damaged or felled – the former Ajeers site on the Brightling Road and the adjacent field.  He was concerned that felling could take place before permission was applied for and before Tree Preservation Orders could be requested.
  • He noted that both RDC and Brightling PC had declared a climate emergency and asked whether DPC would consider doing so.  Brightling has an Environmental Policy which Dallington might share.
  • He asked whether DPC would support the Climate and Ecology Bill currently being considered in Parliament and offered to give details of who to write to.
  • In response, DPC expressed concern about climate change and said they would consider what actions they might take.

6. Grant Application from Dallington PCC

DPC deferred consideration of the grant application from Dallington PCC for £750.00 for churchyard care/maintenance and external church repairs pending further information.

7. Winter Solstice 2021 arrangements

  • The event will be held at the Recreation Ground on 21.12.21 at 7pm.
  • DPC will provide mulled wine, mince pies and jacket potatoes, there will be logs for a fire and the beacon will be lit.
  • Attendees will be outside as much as possible to minimise the risk from Covid.
  • The event will be posted on the website.
  • The DPC planning meeting (if required) will be moved forward to 6.40pm and held at the Recreation Ground.

8. Consultations

Agreed – that the Chair will respond to the following consultations – the RDC Infrastructure Delivery Plan and the East Sussex, South Downs, Brighton and Hove Waste and Minerals Local Plan (revised policies).

9. Works to Carricks Hill Triangle

Members will cut back coarse grasses and plant bulbs to encourage wildlife and provide spring colour.

10. Glaziers Forge Waste Collection

See the Chair’s report above.

11. Planning

No Dallington planning applications for consideration and no other planning matters for discussion.

12. Enforcement

No Dallington items on RDC’s weekly enforcement list and no other enforcement matters for discussion.

13. Highways/Rights of Way

  • The problem of gravel flowing down Carricks Hill after rain, where holes have been filled in with loose material, will be raised again with ESCC Highways.
  • Drains on Carricks Hill – see the Chair’s report above.
  • Consideration of the replacement/repair of the Dallington sign was deferred.

14. Finance

14.1 Bank balances at 31.10.21

  • DPC deposit account – £16,851.10
  • DPC current account – £3,420.50
  • DRG current account – £922.54

14.2 Payments for approval

Resolved – t0 approve the following payments, the Chair proposed and Councillor Holyoake seconded, the voting was unanimous.

Dallington Parish Council account

  • Clerk, salary/home office (Oct/Nov 2021), expenses – £904.96
  • * First Aid training (N. Harding) – £45.00
  • * ESALC planning training (W. Miers) – £96.00
  • * Donation (RBL wreath) – £50.00
  • * Paid already

14.3 Approval of budget monitor/bank reconciliations at 31.10.21

Resolved -to approve the budget monitor and bank reconciliations at 31.10.21.  Councillor Holyoake proposed and Councillor Gray seconded, the voting was unanimous.

14.4 Internet banking authorisations

Agreed – that two members will authorise internet banking payments  until the January 2022 meeting.

15. Dates of next meetings

  • 21.12.21 – planning meeting (provisional, will only be held if required) to start at 6.40pm at Dallington Recreation Ground.
  • 18.01.21 – full council meeting, to start at 7.30pm in Dallington Village Hall.