ESCC Highways – Severe Weather

Click on the link below to see a severe weather update from ESCC Highways.
ESCC Highways Severe Weather

A further email update says they will be gritting all primary routes at 9pm tonight, this will be followed by gritting secondary routes, then primary routes again.  Hopefully this will keep the road network open.
A further update will be issued tomorrow.

Works at Carrick Hill Triangle

Some of you may be wondering what is going on at the Carricks Hill triange – Morrisons Utilities are working there.  They are doing the groundworks for BT Openreach – so maybe some very good news for those in Dallington that have rotten broadband speeds.  Morrisons could not confirm exactly what BT Openreach are intending to do.  Hopefully it will be a fibre-enabled cabinet!  Will let you know if I hear anything more.
Irene – Parish Clerk
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